Battle Stress Like a Navy SEAL With This Incredibly Simple Breathing Exercise

You’ve got to try this…

Navy Seal Training Promo
Photo: Getty Images

The average person won’t ever come close to experiencing even half the levels of stress endured by the Navy’s most elite fighting force, but thanks to the meditation experts at Quiet Kite, we can reduce stress just like they do with this SEAL-endorsed tactical breathing technique. 

If this it can help keep America’s most fearsome frogmen calm in the relentless heat of battle, just imagine what it could do to help relieve you from the pressure your dickhead boss constantly pushes on you at the office. 

Step 1: Find a comfortable chair or place to lie down. 

Step 2:
Inhale for 4 seconds (while the circle above is expanding).

Step 3:
Hold air in your lungs for 4 seconds (while the circle is expanded).

Step 4:
Exhale for 4 seconds, emptying all of the air in your lungs (as the circle contracts).

Step 5:
Hold your lungs empty for 4 seconds (while the circle is contracted).

Step 6:
Repeat for five minutes, or as long as is necessary to feel refocused and relaxed.

h/t: Gear Patrol