How a Woman's Bra Literally Saved Her Life

Just in case you needed another reason to love to the brassiere.
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There are lots of reasons to hate bras. They’re uncomfortable, constraining, and occasionally unflattering. But here’s a reason to love them: They can save your life.

That’s what a German woman discovered after her sports bra deflected a stray bullet on Friday, according to NBC News. The 41-year-old cyclist was accidentally shot by a hunter after mistakenly bicycling into a wild boar hunt in the town of Gadebusch. The town's local newspaper reported that the woman heard the sound of a gun before feeling “a sharp pain in her chest.” A police investigation found that the metal underwire of her bra had stopped the bullet, leaving her with a bruise but otherwise unharmed.

This isn’t the first time a brassiere has doubled as a bulletproof vest of sorts. In February, a Brazilian woman was reportedly struck by a stray bullet when leaving a supermarket in the city of Belém, but her black lace bra protected her from serious harm. 

Remember fellas: The bra may be your worst enemy in your bedroom, but it’s your best friend everywhere else.

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