This Conversation Between Hunter S. Thompson and Keith Richard Is Fantastically Bonkers

What they hell are they even saying to each other?

Hunter S. Thompson and Keith Richards are two of the most legendary, drug-soaked figures in American culture, which is probably why ABC thought it was a good idea to join the beloved gonzo journalist and iconic Rolling Stone guitarist together in an unhinged, near unintelligible conversation. 

This video — shot in 1993 before ABC devolved into the network best known for enthralling programming like The Bachelorette and circulating on the internet today for, well, no really good reason — is a master class in total nonsensical banter that still managed to capture our attention. Our favorite part, though, is this insane exchange about the reincarnation of former FBI chief and arch creep J. Edgar Hoover:

Thompson: J. Edgar. What would he come back as?

Richards: I think basically, you know, if I had my way, would a worm do? A slug?

God, to be a fly on the wall for this epic conversation.

h/t The Daily Beast