WATCH: Badass Hunting Dog Takes On a Wolf Pack

Warning: May be NSFDL (Not Safe For Dog Lovers).

Swedish hunter Tommy Berglund attached a GoPro to his dog Klara for their moose-hunting trip into the woods. Once there, Klara wandered off, camera rolling. When the footage was recovered it told a terrifying story that will make you hug your pooch and consider avoiding the woods forever. Klara had a close encounter with a pack of wolves and most of the fight was caught on video.

It’s tough to watch and the perspective is sometimes chaotic and skewed, but Klara demonstrates tremendous courage and fight as she faces her adversaries. Near the end it seems like the wolves have worn her down, but fortunately, as Berglund told Svensk Jakt (Swedish Hunting) magazine, he was nearby—his presence likely spooked the wolves away.

BroBible noted that Klara and her human companion were lucky there was a veterinarian nearby. Klara needed treatment for multiple wounds and was put on pain relievers and antibiotics. She has recovered, but Berglund doesn’t think he’ll take her hunting again. Klara is a member of his family, he told Svensk Jakt, and his home would feel empty without her. 

We say she gets all the steak she wants from here on out.

Photos by MrT HK / Flickr