This Camper Hotel Brings The Outdoors Inside

It’s basically a trailer park…with plumbing.

Only in Europe would simulating the trailer park experience be considered a desirable novelty. And yet that’s exactly what you’ll find in Berlin’s Hutten Palast, which translates to “Caravan Palace” in German. Take a look inside the royal digs…

No two trailers are created equal, but that’s part of the charm. Rooms range from single to double occupancy, and there are bathrooms conveniently down the hall. But hey, it beats having to hook up your whip to a sewage pump, right?

Communal space abounds, giving you free reign to drink beers in cut off shorts while you wave to your neighbors across the Astroturf.

But if trailers aren’t your jam, Hutten Palast also features a handcufl of wooden cabins, for those who like their indoor outdoors a bit more rustic. Rooms start at 69 euros a night. Gentleman, you really can have it all.