Idris Elba Had the Best Response to the Claim He’s ‘Too Street’ to Play James Bond

If you come at Idris, you best not miss.

Idris Elba isn’t taking any of your shit.

On Monday, British spy novelist Anthony Horowitz touched off an firestorm after claiming in an interview that Maxim Man Idris Elba was “too street” and “a bit too rough” to play James Bond. Journalists and fans alike objected to Horowitz’s use of “street,” which, in certain contexts, can be taken as a racially-tinged slight rather than a critique of style.

Horowitz has since apologized, but Elba’s been relatively quiet on the whole kerfuffle. Until now:

A photo posted by Idris Elba (@idriselba) on

Sep 1, 2015 at 3:30pm PDT

This isn’t just a witty retort: as one Instagram commenter puts it, this masterful response is “the difference between acting suave and being suave.”

Rumors have swirled about Elba’s potential induction into the 007 franchise after leaked emails showed then-Sony Picture Entertainment chief Amy Pascal favored him as Daniel Craig’s replacement. If Elba keeps his media game on point, we don’t see how anyone could argue he’s not suave enough for the part.

Photos by Robbie Fimmano for Maxim Magazine