The 15 Most Fascinating Things We Learned About Sex This Year

You know you’re curious.

Well folks, we’ve had quite a year.

2015 has brought us glorious #FreeTheNipple moments, remote-control sex toys, and even a vagina beauty pageant. We’ve made strides toward banging in space and even eaten ass in the middle of a music festival. There was an exceptional erotic carp calendar and an intrepid dude who finger-banged his woman’s butt at a Bills game. We heard from porn stars about squirting and got the low-down on dirty talk from a phone sex operator. And when we weren’t busy chatting up some of the most prolific nude photographers or attending naked yoga classes, we were learning more about our bodies and ourselves.

Basking in the glory that is science, we became privy to a wealth of sex knowledge that made its way to across our desks and onto your computer screen. Join me on a journey back through the most shocking, intriguing, and downright bizarre things we learned about sex in 2015. You know you want to.