The Internet Is On Fire Debating Whether or Not This Woman Has a Giant Penis

Do you see it?

Second girl with dong pic larger

The internet is a terrible place. One poorly positioned shadow in a photo, and an image of a perfectly attractive young woman goes viral for all the wrong reasons

The unfortunate subject of the photo is unnamed at the moment, but we know this—she doesn’t actually have a dong so bizarrely huge it would make the late great John Holmes whimper with shame. She has a lovely pair of legs that look great in her getup, and were it not for this trick of light, no one would have ever thought to suggest she’s rocking a terrifying trouser monster.

And yes, we feel pretty bad for her. This is a totally different situation from the hottie who was smoked by Twitter after she posted a mirror selfie revealing her terrible housekeeping habits. Not that she deserved to be roasted either, but at least that wasn’t a matter of bad lighting. 

If you’re posting a photo online, don’t feel bad about a tiny bit of photoshop or cropping when needed. People on the internet get very bored, and then they start seeing things. 

h/t Unilad