The Israelis Are Reportedly Using Dolphins as Spies

The future of warfare is dolphins with deadly arrows.

Dolphins are acknowledged as the world’s most intelligent animals. Hamas claims to have captured a dolphin that was “spying for Israel,” according to a report in the Times of Israel.

Israeli Army Radio says that Hamas claims to have captured the mammal off the Gaza coast by a naval military unit.

The dolphin was said to be outfitted with “spying equipment,” including cameras and “a device capable of firing arrows with the capability of wounding or even killing a human,” according to YNet News

Animals have allegedly made perfect foot soldiers for the Israeli army in recent years. “Turkish media has made allegations in recent years that birds had been found with Israeli tracking devices,” notes the Independent. “In 2010, an Egyptian official said ‘Israeli controlled sharks’ were attacking tourists in the Red Sea.”

The U.S. Department of Defense has also spent millions developing “combat dolphins” for military use.

This is all quite fascinating, but frankly, I’m with Steve Zissou on this one:

Photos by Alliance Communications