It Only Takes 1 Million Facebook “Likes” To Get Laid

If there was ever a reason to sell your soul to Zuckerberg, this is it.

If there was ever a reason to sell your soul to Zuckerberg, this is it.

No one ever said getting laid in high school (or college, or ever, really) was easy, so you have to hand it to Petter Kverneng, an ambitious, love lorn Norwegian lad, for creative thinking. Less than 24 hours ago he posted this photo on his Facebook page. As of 12pm EST, it has 1,154,757 “likes,” which means that Petter is probably having more fun than you right now.

To provide a little context, Petter has been in the friend zone with his crush, Catherine, for years, and she’s promised to follow through with the terms clearly outlined in his yellow poster paper.

Let this also stand as another example to anyone who thinks agreeing to an “I’ll-do-this-if-you-get-one-million-likes-on-Facebook-deal” doesn’t mean anything. Earlier this week, much like Catherine, one dad learned the hard way that one millions “likes” is a lot easier to accumulate than one might think after his kids posted a photo with a sign that read, “We want a puppy! Our dad said we could get one if we get 1 million likes!” So if there’s something your heart desires (Sex! Puppies! Sex with puppies!) hurry up and make a deal with some sucker before they realize a million is pocket change in Facebook likes. For the record, those kids reached their goal in less than 13 hours…

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