Kanye Rents Baseball Stadium and Proposes to Kim

Some dudes will really go to extreme lengths to impress a lady. Like these guys…

Last night Kanye West popped the question to his baby mama, Kim Kardashian, in the most extravagant way possible: by renting out San Francisco’s AT&T Park on the starlet’s 33rd birthday, whipping out a 15-carat diamond ring, and having a 50-piece orchestra play Lana Del Rey’s “Young And Beautiful” (Kim’s favorite song) after she said yes. After that spectacle we really started feeling the heat (how can you compare with someone who rented out an ENTIRE BASEBALL STADIUM?!), but Kanye isn’t the first dude to go to extreme lengths to impress a woman. Below are some more.  

10K Facebook Likes For Cheating Husband

After Sonya Gore found her husband Ivan Lewis in bed with another woman, she did the most logical thing she could think of: forced the dumbass to post a picture of himself on Facebook admitting to his crime and asking for forgiveness in the form of “10, 000 Likes.” If the picture hit the 10K mark, Sonya agreed to take him back. Looks like these two gems really do belong together.

Jail Time Is For Lovers

Canadian Benjamin Vienneau got dangerously creative with his proposal to girlfriend Marcia Belyea by coercing local officers to pull her over and threaten her with jail time for “unpaid fines.” As she sat hysterically crying in the backseat of a police car good ‘ol Benny popped out with a ring and an ultimatum: go to jail for 30 days or marry him. Somehow she chose the latter. Um, we definitely would’ve opted for a slammer getaway

Billboard Lovin’

After experiencing a depressing round of online dating, Gordon Engle decided to rent out a billboard on Chicago’s Stevenson Expressway in order to get a date. The massive sign shows a picture of himself with the sentence “I’m Gordon. Let’s have dinner” plastered next to it. We suspect Gordon has already received thousands of phone calls; like most drivers, we get particularly hungry during rush hour traffic.

Photos by Antonio de Moraes Barros / WireImage | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013