If She Leans This Way When She Kisses You, It Means You’re in the Friend Zone

A very important Valentine’s PSA.

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Using psychology, you can read a person like a book and know exactly how they feel about you, without them saying anything to your face. You know, like if their feet are squared away from you during a conversation, it means they’d rather be doing anything other than talking to you. Stuff like that.

You can also use these sneaky nonverbal cues to know if a woman is into you romantically, or if you’re in the hellish limbo commonly referred to as the friend zone.

According to a study done by researchers Jennifer Sedgewick and Lorin Elias, the direction a person leans in when going in for a smooch (a peck on the cheek, tongue-in-mouth French kiss, doesn’t matter) gives you all the information you need to know to determine your relationship status.

The study analyzed hundreds of pictures of people kissing romantically versus non-romantically (for example, a parent kissing their child), and found that there was a significant left-side preference for non-romantic kisses, and a significant right-side bias for sexy, romantic kisses.

Another study from 2003, which was done by spying on 224 couples in Germany, Turkey, and the United States, also revealed that romantically involved couples prefer to lock lips from the right side, and the reason is all in your head. Literally.

During romantic relationships, there’s heightened activity in the left anterior cingulate cortex and the caudate nucleus in your brain, and since the left hemisphere of your brain controls the right side of your body, and vice versa, you’re automatically inclined to lean to the right to kiss. You’d already know all of this if you had actually listened in 10th grade biology. Just kidding, you wouldn’t.

Now you know that if a lovely lady kisses you on the right cheek, or tilts her head to the right to plant one on your lips, she’s interested. If she kisses your lips with a head tilt to the left, she might be directionally challenged (or just playing you), and if she kisses your left cheek, you might want to give up on her, because she’s just not that into you, my friend.

You can use this advanced psychology as an underhand weapon to gauge your chances, but take it with a grain of salt, because the human brain is a mysterious thing.