Reporter Stabbed in the Back Demonstrating ‘Knife-Proof’ Vest

Figuratively and literally.

We’re not always in the business of giving self-defense advice, but here’s a pro tip: if you ever find yourself being pursued by a knife-wielding maniac while wearing a knife-proof vest, run. Run as fast as you can. Why? Because life is precious — and knife-proof vests aren’t actually knife-proof. 

Eitam Lachover, of Israel’s Channel 1, learned that lesson the hard way when he was asked to don an new blade-resistant vest so Yaniv Montakyo, a vice president of the company that manufactures the vest, could use a giant commando knife to demonstrate how it works. 

Turns out, it doesn’t. Instead of stopping what Montakyo describes as a “very strong knife made of steel,” the knife-proof vest performed much like a regular vest and allowed the blade to pass right through its fabric and into Lachover’s back. Oops!  

“I missed,” says an embarrassed Montakyo after realizing he stabbed a section of the vest where there’s apparently no protective material, which appears to cover the part of the back where someone would aim if they were, say, trying to stab you to death. 

Lachover survived the ordeal and was later discharged from the hospital after receiving stitches. That’s the good news. The bad news? Israeli soldiers will soon be issued these exact same “knife-proof” vests following a recent spate of stabbings by Palestinians. Ouch.