Take Your Kitchen Tailgating With This Amazing All-in-One Safari Grill

This is a pitmaster’s dream.

Slaving over a hot grill cooking all the meats to perfection only to confront the disappointment of pairing that perfect brat with someone else’s weak-ass cold potato salad or soggy chips can bring down the most beer-laden tailgating party. If you’ve ever dreamed of cooking a hot meat and three to serve up before the big game the strangely-named KUDU Safari Braai—which acts as a multi-leveled grill and firepit all in one—may one day save you. 

The KUDU is still in Kickstarter development stage and it’s reached well over half of its $75,000 goal—and no wonder. Here’s what the developers, led by Georgia native Stebin Horne, say you can do with a KUDU:

The KUDU Safari Braai is an extremely versatile grilling system that allows a user to cook pretty much anything they can think of. Using a patented elevated grate system over an open fire, the KUDU grills, sautés, sears, fries, boils, smokes, and steams – and oftentimes it can do these things simultaneously. No other product allows you to steam oysters while slow-cooking a Boston Butt, or grill blackened grouper while frying shrimp, or sear a ribeye on a Himalayan salt block while sautéing vegetables on a cast iron skillet. And this is all done over an open fire! Pretty cool.

Horne began developing the idea for the KUDU watching his wife’s South African family grill out. 

As the Kickstarter home page explains, “braai,” the product’s odd-sounding name “means to grill over fire in South Africa, and South Africans have been grilling over fire since, well, the beginning of mankind.” 

Remarkably, the KUDU creators say “even though there are 11 official languages used in South Africa, the word braai means the same thing in each and every one of them.”

The KUDU currently has a standard price of $799, but a pledge of $649 or over will net you the entire kit, which includes a firepit base, griddle, grate, and cooking tongs. 

If the KUDU meets its funding, buyers should receive theirs in November—just in time to rule playoff season from the back of your truck in the parking lot.

h/t InsideHook