Meet the Photographer Taking Some of the Wettest and Wildest Photos on the Internet

Admit it, he has your dream job.
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Lachlan Hargraves spends his days shooting beautiful women in some of the (literally) steamiest settings you could imagine. But the Australian photographer landed this dream job somewhat by accident

"I started shooting casually around 2011 on an old camera we had lying around the house, just going through the motions." Hargraves told Maxim via email. In 2015, he began taking action shots of his model friend Marlee Bennett in what would become his "beach series," posting them to his Instagram account. His audience has since ballooned to more than 84,000 — and we can absolutely understand why.

"Wet and wild" is a "totally fair" characterization of his work. "I love shooting with water, " Hargraves said. "I make a serious effort to incorporate water and motion into every single series," whether it's on the beach ... or in the shower.

But Hargraves doesn't want to keep his distinctive style confined to dark beaches and nondescript washrooms; the photographer dreams of one day shooting with models like Lindsey Pelas or Libby Powell on a rooftop in Santorini in the Aegean Sea. And his dream publication? "Definitely Maxim," he says with a wink.

Check out steamy photos from Hargraves below and follow him on Instagram at @lachlanplease