Watch Larry the Cable Guy ‘Git-R-Done’ By Absolutely Destroying an Arm-Wrestling Opponent

Be warned: This is not safe for the squeamish.

Nebraska-born comedian Dan Whitney has made a great living playing country comedy character Larry the Cable Guy. But Larry is known for cornpone, slightly off-color comedy, not impressive feats of strength.

Until this video, that is. If you haven’t watched, be warned: it’s rough. In it, famously doughy Larry the Cable Guy takes on a younger, ripped pal named John in an arm-wrestling match—and destroys him. Putting his superior body weight behind his efforts, Larry creates enough shearing force to break his opponent’s arm. Seriously, it’s very tough to watch.

TMZ reports the match occurred inside a luxury suite at a Nebraska Cornhuskers game. The celebrity gossip site also reports that John had to have surgery on his funny bone (of course) and he’s doing fine. 

On social media, Larry the Cable Guy followed up with a tweet:

We expect the comedian is going to grow tired of his gunslinger status now, with college bros challenging him to arm-wrestling matches in every town he visits as a stand-up. 

Though we’re not sure anyone would want to be the second challenger who had his arm broken by Larry the Cable Guy.

h/t TMZ