Watch: Lesbians Feel a Dick for the First Time

You never forget your first time.


I have to admit, my first thought upon seeing the title of this video was, “holy exploitative clickbait, Batman!” but upon further reflection, I can actually sort of understand where this is coming from.

“Singing duo/lesbian couple” BriandChrissy released this video, which is precisely what it sounds like: three lesbians take the plunge and bravely attempt hand-to-junk contact with a man’s penis. And their revelations are mostly what you’d expect: 

“Oh it’s softer than I thought it would be.”
“It’s a lot harder than I expected.”
“I didn’t think balls would be that big.”
“It feels like Playdoh that’s been warmed up.”

But after watching the clip, mostly I just want to applaud these courageous ladies. Dicks and balls are ultimately kind of weird, dangling flesh accessories, especially if they are not your genital of choice. Hey, if I spent my entire life only interacting with the private bits I already had, I’d probably be curious too.