These Killer Opening Lines Are Guaranteed To Get Responses on Dating Apps

Swipers, rejoice: this is DEFINITELY news you can use...
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We've all got that ridiculous image of the wannabe player in our heads. You know, the guy who sits next to the hottie drinking alone and starts trying to land her with dipshit lines he learned from some dating guru on the internet. On dating sites it's easy to feel like that guy no matter how smooth you are in person, because the internet is awkward. 

Fortunately you don't need some dude throwing out dating tips from his mom's basement to learn the approach most likely to get a bite—statistics are here to help. Check out the informative graphic below from AskMen and dating megasite Zoosk:

AskMen Zoosk opening lines

Zoosk has nearly 40 million users and they used data from user experiences to put together the information in the graphic. They found some things that seem like common sense.

Being specific, for example—the high percentage of people responding positively to compliments about glasses says that people want to be noticed in particular ways. 

Canned lines are easy to spot from a mile away, but if you like someone's killer frames they know you paid attention.

If you make it to her bedroom ask why she has that old phone. (Photo: Getty Images)

If you make it to her bedroom ask why she has that old phone. (Photo: Getty Images)

Flirting is fine, but if you jump right in with love letters to her boobs, you've probably screwed up. As the data above shows, calling the object of your interest "adorable" seems way less threatening. 

Also avoid lame openings like "hi," or "hello," and don't make it clear from the start that you're creeping on her pics. Really reading whatever she's written on her profile is much more important. 

The takeaway is being lazy with your Tinder or OkCupid game will bite you. Robotic greetings, drooling in text over her photos, not bothering to read anything on her profile will all ensure getting swiped into a "no thanks" oblivion. 

No wants to be that guy.

h/t AskMen