Ingenious Pervert Uses Fishing Rod to Steal Vanload of Panties

Some 285 worn bras were also among his ill-gotten booty.

For three years, the women of the eastern Chinese city of Liyang have fallen prey to a faceless lingerie snatcher. Now, his reign of terror is over.

Police recently caught a 32-year-old man for stealing over 285 worn bras and 185 worn panties and then stashing them in his van. That’s nearly half a basketball court when laid out together (Which Chinese police went ahead and did). 

And to add to this saga of “Wait, what…?” the man had allegedly been pilfering unmentionables with a bespoke device similar to a fishing rod. It’s still not clear how the man employed the device, but we can think up some twisted scenarios.

Perhaps the most shocking part of this is that he went undetected for so long. Police only caught wind of what was up when performing a routine inspection of a suspicious parked van, which seems to be an international indicator that messed-up shit is going down . It was then that they chanced upon this wacko’s cache.

This is grounds to incarcerate this lowlife, but police say they’re seeking psychological help. The man confessed that he began by stealing a few skivvies here and there but soon became unable to control himself, and the mania set in.

Gird your loins, people of the PRC, as this is not the first time this has gone down in the Mainland. In 2014, a man from the province of Guangxi was arrested for stealing over 2,000 pairs of underwear and bras from women of his neighborhood. Officials later caught on when the emergency exit ceiling where he had been stashing the plunder collapsed from the weight. 

Let’s just pray they impound that fishing rod. 

Photos by @PDChina