9 Aphrodisiac Foods You Never Knew About

Get your grub on.


Imagine it’s a Friday night, and you want to spend a steamy evening with your leading lady. Sure, you can reach for some oysters, red wine, or chocolate to get the mood going, but those are seriously old news.

Little do most people know that there are so many other aphrodisiac foods that can help make things hot and heavy. Lucky for you, we compiled a list of 9 aphrodisiacs you possibly didn’t know about, until now.

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If you’ve ever listened to Beyonce’s Drunk in Love, you know she sings about surfboards and watermelons, but did you know that the two go together? That watermelon she’s “been drinkin’” is a little-known aphrodisiac that gets her in the mood to ride her surfboard, if you know what I mean. Watermelon contains high levels of the phytochemicals lycopene and citrulline, which basically sees the job of Viagra and boosts circulation by relaxing blood vessels — and good circulation means amazing boners for you, and heightened sensitivity in all the right places for her.

Chili peppers
Thanks to the capsaicin found in chili peppers, a sprinkle of chili flakes in your dinner might be all you need for a steamy night with your lady. Capsaicin is what makes the peppers so spicy, but that burn in your mouth means increased blood flow and sensitivity, making for a seriously passionate make-out sesh. Chilies also mimic arousal by increasing your heart rate, and stimulate endorphins, making you feel pretty damn good.

Maca, a root herb that grows in the Andes, is known to boost libido, as well as increase sperm count and improve fertility. There have been numerous studies confirming the aphrodisiac properties of maca, and a Peruvian study revealed that just 3 grams of the root per day made the men in the study a lot hornier.

Yes, it will make your breath reek, but trust us when we say it’s totally worth it. Garlic bulbs are very high in allicin, an organosulfur compound which, as you may guess, increases blood flow. Maybe you’ve noticed the trend here that increased blood flow is what most aphrodisiacs are all about.

People have used celery to get in the mood starting way back in the Middle Ages, so you know it must be good stuff. Celery stimulates the pituitary gland (the pea-sized endocrine gland at the base of your brain), which is one of the most important glands for the release of sex hormones. So no, it’s not weird at all if you and your lover spend some time chomping on celery stalks before getting down to business.

Hailed the sacred fruit of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, pomegranates have been used as an aphrodisiac since the time of the Ancient Greeks. Once symbolizing female fertility, romance, and marital loss of virginity (deep red staining juice, TMI, sorry), pomegranates increase testosterone and lower cortisol levels, meaning less stress and more horny. Plus, the word “aphrodisiac” literally comes from “Aphrodite,” so she obviously knew what was up.

Fact: alcohol makes you horny. Another fact: too much alcohol gives you whiskey dick, which is a turn off for both you and your partner. But what if we told you there was a way to drink, get your buzz on, and not have whiskey dick?

Thanks to the carbonation in a glass or three of some bubbly, you’ll feel the effects of alcohol quicker, so you won’t need to drink as much, and that means you’re going on a trip to bonertown, so it’s time to pop some bottles.

Honey contains high amounts of boron, a mineral that regulates estrogen and testosterone, which are both key players in increasing your sex drive. Honey also boosts energy levels, meaning more sex! Plus, honeybees harvesting nectar and pollen from flowers and facilitating pollination (a.k.a. flower sex) should be a pretty good indication that honey goes hand in hand with sex.

Bananas contain energy boosting vitamin B and potassium, as well as bromelain, an enzyme that triggers testosterone production. A boost of testosterone is sure to increase your sex drive, and higher energy means better stamina, which means you’ll be able have sex longer, and with more gusto. Maybe bananas are shaped like dicks for a reason…

Now, grab your keys and raid the grocery store for some libido lovin’ snacks. You’ll thank us later.