Cars, Bikes, Planes and Boats Showcased in ‘Luxury Toys: Volume 2’

Take a wild ride with a new book packed with motorized lust objects.


Maxim readers and staffers alike regularly fawn over the beautifully0-made coffee tables books from German luxury publisher teNeues that we excerpt on occassion.

Icon A5, published by teNeues, Photo © courtesy Icon Aircraft. (See our test-fly of the A5 here.)

Their latest offering is a follow-up tome to the must-have Luxury Toys for Men. Luxury Toys: Volume 2 is is an unapologetic orgy of all the stuff you’d ever want to buy given (of course) that money is no object.

© Luxury Toys Vol. 2, The LEAP, published by teNeues, Photo © Francesco Mattuzzi

Covering electronics, transport, accessories and gadgets, it’s all the motorized goodies you ever dreamed of as a kid, plus a few you probably still aspire to own some day.

© Luxury Toys Vol. 2, H2 Bomber, published by teNeues, Photo © courtesy of GmbH

Underwater motorcycles, personal spaceships, the world’s coolest watches – you name it and it’s in here, so long as the detailing, craftsmanship, design, and materials qualify it as world class.

Aqua Star underwater scooter 

The oversized 220-pager has over 250 photographs plus text in English, German, and French – perfect for your supermodel girlfriend to read when she needs gift ideas.

Update: ‘Luxury Toys 2’ is currently sold out, but the original ‘Luxury Toys’ can be purchased here.