Here’s Why Make Up Sex Isn’t Always a Good Idea, According to New Study

But it feels so GOOD.

make up sex


After having an unfortunate argument with your girlfriend, which of the following do you think is the best way to smooth things over and make up? Should you…

A) Leave the house for a few hours to let her marinate in her emotions?
B) Cry, and then spend quality time with each other?
C) Have angry, passionate make up sex?

If you answered C, you’re wrong. Sorry. The right answer is B, crying, believe it or not. Not sex. Or at least that’s what a recent study suggests.

According to a small study from researchers at Bucknell University, make-up sex is actually a pretty bad idea, and won’t really do much to help your relationship when things get turbulent.

In the study, 74 participants were each asked to list five behaviors they think couples engage in when they want to make up after a fight, such as crying, yelling some more, or having make up sex.

Then, their lists were split up into 21 categories, and ranked in terms of efficacy by a second pool of 164 participants.

The results revealed that, unsurprisingly, most dudes think the best way to extinguish an argument is with a nice roll in the hay…as well as his girlfriend blowing compliments up his butt, and donning her yellow cleaning gloves and doing some chores around the house.

Women, on the other hand, said they find it easier to forgive their partner when he cries, apologizes, and spends some quality time with her. Not when he straight up tries to take it to the bedroom without showing any kind of emotional response.

“Women may find the act of their male partner apologising to be an effective reconciliation tactic because it is viewed as an altruistic act,” says researcher Joel Wade.

“A man’s apology may redirect the cost of romantic conflict to himself rather than to his partner and thereby demonstrate his ability to provide emotional support and incur personal costs for his partner.”

Plus, if you’re really in deep shit, just squeeze out a big, fat crocodile tear or two, because it shows you’re invested in the relationship, and genuinely feel upset about fighting.

“Prior research shows that men who cry are viewed positively and as in touch with their emotions, but not feminine,” the study says, encouraging all manly men to let the waterworks flow, because no good can come from bottling up your emotions. We’re only human, after all.

H/T: indy100