You Need to See This House a Man Built in a 700-Year-Old Cave

Even better: You can stay there on vacation.

In lieu of my weekly therapy sessions, I’ve been really leaning into watching copious amounts of HGTV — specifically anything in the House Hunters franchise — to soothe my mind. I laugh, I cry, and I yell (looking at you, everyone on Tiny House Hunters) watching strangers make life-changing home decisions and completing ambitious DIY projects. 

Today, I found a similar moment of zen in this video: 

38-year-old businessman Angelo Mastropietro recently accomplished an incredible feat when he built a house in a 700-year-old cave in Worcestershire, England — the very caves said to have inspired J.R.R. Tolkein when he was writing Lord of the Rings

Crafting his own home out of a rock face only set him back about $230,000, which, according to my estimates, would get me approximately 10 square feet in New York City. Also, if this whole carving-a-house-out-of-a-damn-cave thing wasn’t impressive enough, Mastropietro did this all while suffering from multiple sclerosis. 

Inside, it’s charmingly rustic with some modern elements (think WiFi and heated floors). If you want a chance to test it out for yourself, you can rent it out here for rates that start around $275 a night.

And even though the phrase “man cave” typically makes my vagina dry up to near-Sahara levels, I’m willing to excuse it in this instance since this incredible house is quite literally a cave built by a man. 

h/t Esquire