Watch This Man Interview Himself 38 Years in the Future

“This is about as weird as it gets.”

In 1977, Peter “Stoney” Emshwiller sat down for an interview with his future self. The 18-year-old, convinced he would be “super” famous at some point in his life, sat down in front of a camera in a darkened studio and recorded dozens of questions, a time-traveling version of ‘Inside the Actors Studio.’

Now 56, Emshwiller decided to respond to his younger self in the fascinating short film Later That Same Life. While Emshwiller is currently raising money for a complete version, the short clip posted online last week is damn fascinating.

This isn’t the fist time someone’s put together a video like this. In 2012, Jeremiah McDonald uncovered a video from his past self and decided to sit down for a humorous interview session:

Start shooting now, fellas: Your future self may thank you.