Man Ends up Trapped For Hours In Failed Effort to Impress a Date

At least he didn’t have to cut off a limb.


Not content with simply picking up a bouquet of roses and calling it a night, a lovestruck man from Pittsburgh went to extreme lengths to impress a woman he had just met: he took her to a nearby rooftop so she could watch him jump from one roof to another.

Unfortunately for this unnamed 22-year-old Pitt student, his roof-hopping skills were less James Bond and more James Franco in 127 Hours

Pittsburgh Police told CBS that the man missed his mark and was then stuck between two buildings, one of them a Qdoba, for around four hours.

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Romantics can rest assured: police removed some bricks from the wall of that Qdoba, and the lucky guy escaped with a combination of hurt pride and injured ankle.

As he was wheeled away in a stretcher, CBS reports he gave a thumbs up to the woman he was so eager to impress, who—to her credit—waited outside that fabled Qdoba Mexican Grill until he was rescued at around 6 a.m.

“I think he is an idiot for doing it, but at least he got the girl,” a bystander said.

h/t CBS


Thomas Freeman