The Man Who Sent Naked Selfies to His HR Manager Is a Cautionary Tale in Sexting

Think you’ve screwed up a job interview? Think again.

Everybody sexts. But with great sexting, comes great responsibility — namely, the responsibility to not send a photo of your junk to anyone besides the intended recipient. For instance, my mom’s number is directly next to a former booty call’s in my phone, so there was a very stressful point in my life when I was constantly at risk of sending her a “you up?” text accompanied by a photo of my tits.

But no accidental sext tops the accidental sext a 23-year-old man from Aurora, Illinois sent to the HR manager of the company that had just offered him a job. The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the HR manager received two separate nude photos of the guy between August 11th and 13th — it was only when he called the company to follow up on his job offer that they realized that the number matched the one sending mysterious sexts. Yes, reader: The dick pics were coming from inside the house. They rescinded his offer of employment, because, duh.

Damn, what an emotional rollercoaster. First, this guy gets offered a job. “Hell yeah,” he thinks. “Time to get my D wet.” So he sends a nude photo of himself, presumably to someone he wants to have sex with. Then they don’t respond, so he sends a FOLLOW UP SEXT (Ed. Note: never do this). Dejected by the lack of interest, he’s all, “whatever, I have a new job, let me call my future place of employment right now,” only to realize that he’s been sexting the HR manager of the company this whole time. 

Actually, now that I think about this, it would make for a pretty great romantic comedy.

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