Man Sues British Airlines for Sending Him to Grenada Instead of Granada

Tomato, tomahta. Grenada, Granada… Let’s call the whole thing off.

Last September, American dentist Edward Gamson purchased what he believed were tickets to Granada, Spain; instead, he wound up on a flight to the Caribbean island of Grenada. Gamson used a British Airways booking agent for the trip and claims that “Grenada” was not printed on his e-tickets. And now he’s suing British Airways for refusing to provide a refund.

A week prior to Gamson’s compromised vacation, the very same Grenada/Granada confusion nearly caused a passenger by the name of Lamenda Kingdon to unexpectedly fly to the Caribbean instead of Spain, but in that instance British Airways realized and corrected its error in time to get Kingdon to her intended destination. 

Short of renaming one of the geographical locales, it’s not clear how this could be prevented from ever happening again in the future. But either way, this summer, remember to double-check your tickets and itineraries. Especially if you are Grenada/Granada-bound. Safe travels. 

Photos by Getty Images / Rex USA