Where Have All the Hot Women Gone?

This map will tell you where the best-looking people in America live.

Look, we’re not scientists. We just like arming you with any and all information that might help get you get laid. Which is why when we saw that dating app Clover published a series of maps outlining the hottest and ugliest cities in the United States, we knew we had to do our civic duty and share them with you. 

First off, I know this data to be empirically correct, because the most attractive women in the country are supposedly all from New York City, which is where I live. However, the state with the most gorgeous ladies in Connecticut. Looks like someone at Clover has a thing for cashmere sweaters and Uggs. Runners up are girls from Santa Monica, California, and Boston, Massachusetts. But how did they arrive at all this data? I’ll let them explain in their own words:

“Mutual attractiveness is the foundation of most successful relationships which is why Clover developed a proprietary scoring system able to accurately assess a person’s level of attractiveness. Using this system, Clover analyzed its data to see which cities and states had the most and least attractive users”

There you have it. No need to ask further questions about their “proprietary scoring system.” Just pack your bags and head to Connecticut for a lobster roll and some sex.

Photos by Getty Images, maps via Clover