Study Suggests Weed Lovers Get Laid More

Hey hey hey hey….

Before we get to the very important science here, I’d like to share with you my list of weed-sex puns that didn’t work their way into this article:

  • toke and poke
  • bong and dong
  • wake and bake and make love
  • puff puff pussy

Okay that’s about it. Thanks for hanging in there.

The Skyn Condom 2015 Millennial Sex Study is a gift that keeps on giving. The same folks who enlightened us about what position women love the most and the most erotic part of a lady’s body dropped some knowledge about weed users’ sex lives on Wednesday — and it’s very good news. 

According to a survey of 5,117 people ages 18 to 34, 14% of daily pot smokers report having sex several times a day, as opposed to only 5% of non-smokers.

Now, correlation doesn’t necessarily not equal causation — we can’t totally prove that smoking that sweet, sweet herb sends your libido through the roof. However, the study also reports that daily marijuana smokers “have had more one night stands than those who have never smoked (80% vs. 52%).” Perhaps these super-chill midnight tokers are just more adventurous in bed and therefore have more sex. 

Either way, this is good news for weed enthusiasts everywhere. And now that there seems to be evidence against weed dick, the only scourge left to combat is cotton vagina. Go forth: inhale and get nailed.