Mark Zuckerberg Donated $498.8 Million to Charity

And he didn’t even give one penny to us!

And he didn’t even give one penny to us!

Photo: Max Morse / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

He’s the reason we get daily updates about what our high school wrestling coach is having for dinner, and he’s also one rich dude. Facebook founder and Social Network subject Mark Zuckerberg is so rich, in fact, that he donated $498.8 million to charity last year, making him one of the most generous people of 2012. That’s very kind of you, Zuck, but you couldn’t have thrown your Maxim friends anything? We know you’re insanely private—you don’t even like people to know you hang out with cool dudes like Nas – but we would happily have accepted the money anonymously. So, how about for this year, you earmark a couple of hundred mil for us. We promise we won’t gamble it away.   

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