Marlon Brando Claims He Has a Sex Drive ‘Like a Beast’ in Newly Uncovered Confessions

The legendary actor had a voracious sexual appetite. 

Maxim Legend Marlon Brando is remembered for many things: His outsized contributions to American cinema, his colorful personal life, and his iconic performance in The Godfather.

Thanks to a new cache of recorded confessions, you can now add sexual lothario to the list.

In Listen To Me Marlon, a new documentary by Stevan Riley made from nearly 200 hours of personal tapes recorded by the introverted star, the actor calls himself a “beast” who “had women coming in the door, going out the window,” the Daily Mailreports.

It was this voracious appetite for sex that led to the On the Waterfront and A Streetcar Named Desire star to father 16 children over three marriages and indulge in a seemingly endless stream of affairs.

The documentary isn’t all bragging rights, of course: Brando’s tapes shed some light on the actor’s personal demons, including his struggle with celebrity.

“Most actors want their name in the paper. They like all that attention. Very often I am struck with the illusion of success,” Brando admits, according to the Mirror. “It’s difficult when you meet people because you see they’ve prejudged you – not to be treated normally. To have people staring at you, like an animal in the zoo, what it does is remove you from reality.”

Listen To Me Marlon airs on Showtime on Saturday, November 14th at 9pm ET/PT.

Photos by Everett Collection