These Amazing Marvel Superhero FDNY Helmets Are Up For Auction

A perfect New York Comic Con souvenir. 

In their cinematic battles against gods and aliens, Marvel’s stable of superheroes regularly contribute to the fictional destruction of New York City. So it’s safe to say they kind of owe it to the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) to help out where they can.

Hence, this epic collaboration to create one-of-a-kind Marvel superhero-themed fire helmets for auction during New York Comic Con.

Frank Dwyer from the non-profit FDNY Foundation told Maxim that the foundation wanted to mark the Department’s 150th anniversary in a striking way. Comic Con presented a great opportunity. The Foundation wondered, Dwyer said, “what would be unique?” A killer slate Marvel artists delivered the goods, according to the Foundation’s release:

The helmets were designed by the industry’s leading comic book artists including Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada, as well as Damion Scott, Kaare Andrews, Walt Simonson and others.

The Foundation’s release also says anyone who wants to see the helmets can view them at the Javits Center during New York Comic Con until October 11th. The auction for the helmets will take place October 10, and Dwyer told Maxim that all the profits will go to the FDNY Foundation’s efforts toward fire safety education—not only in New York City, but nationwide.

The FDNY Foundation has a great fire safety track record. Dwyer told Maxim that in June 2015 — for the first time in 150 years — there were no fire fatalities in any of the boroughs that make up the City That Never Sleeps. 

Don’t sweat it if you can’t drop everything and fly to New York just to grab one of these awesome helmets for your collection. Any of the Marvel helmets not snagged in the live auction will be available for bidding online through the ReedPOP Supply eBay account—but only from October 19 to the 23rd. 

Photos by FDNY Foundation/