Lord Over the Misty Mountains in This Crazy Cliffside House

For when you need to channel that ‘Lord of the Rings’ vibe.

The Triangle Cliff House (Photo: Matthias Arndt)

Just for extracurricular fun, German architect Matthias Arndt designed the idyllically set Triangle Cliff House.

Perched along a fictional mountainside ridge, the narrow A-frame—or really, without that second leg, figure 4-frame—enjoys fabulous views, thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows throughout both the sides and lower level.

Looks great for ski in, ski out (Photo: Matthias Arndt)
Looks great for ski in, ski out (Photo: Matthias Arndt)

In a way, this acute shelter looks like the perfect retreat from…well, just about anything. We can picture it now: zipping in on a slender ski bike, escaping winter’s biting cold with a roaring fire waiting within its hearth and settling in for cozy winter’s night with however many supermodels we were able to furnish with similar ski bikes.

Almost makes us wish summer were gone. But not quite.

Watch that first step, it's a doozy (Photo: Matthias Arndt)
Watch that first step, it’s a doozy (Photo: Matthias Arndt)