Maxim Editors Share Their Secret Man-Crushes

Here are the guys we think about after one too many. Just kidding! Kind of.

Here are the guys we think about after one too many. Just kidding! Kind of.

The Pope

"He's a snappy dresser, he's got his own ride, and soon he'll have plenty of time to come over every week to watch Walking Dead."

-Patrick Carone, Maxim

Cap'n Crunch

"Whether it be pirates, tsunamis, or whirlpools, this man fearlessly braves the dangers of the deep in order to bring fresh crunch berries to my breakfast table. Highly arousing."

-Dan Bova, Maxim

Photo Courtesy of Focus Features

Bill Murray

"I would friend Bill Murray so hard that he'd be like, 'Whoah. I've never been friended this hard in my life. Where did you learn to friend like that? Don't take this the wrong way, because I respect you and all, but if you wanted to, you could friend people for money.' And then we'd go to a petting zoo together and stroke baby goats and be like, aww, and he'd be hilarious and I'd laugh and take pictures of us friending all over each other and people on Facebook would get sick of how friendy we are."

-Nick Leftley,

Billy Eichner

"What's not to love about a sexy and hilarious man that yells at random people on the street?"

-Ken Shadford,

Don Draper

"Motivated, smooth with the ladies, and constantly drunk at work - Don is everything that I aspire to be. As for his authenticity, well, I’d like to see you call him 'fictional' to his face."

-Cameron Berkman,

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