The Maxim Guide to Celebrating International Men’s Day

A few ideas on how you can be a man today. 

On National Donut Day we eat donuts. On International Pancake Day we eat pancakes. And on International Men’s Day we eat…men?

No, on International Men’s Day we celebrate being men by emphasizing those things that epitomize masculinity. At least that’s our interpretation of it. If you want to celebrate International Men’s Day by putting on woman’s underwear and eating some pie, we say do it. Part of being a man is doing whatever the hell you want — and letting other do the same.

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If you’re struggling for ideas on how to revel in your manhood, here’s Maxim’s guide to celebrating International Men’s Day.

Eat some wings. Better yet, cook some wings then eat them. A man knows his way around the kitchen. And don’t forget to chase them down with a few brews of your choice.

Be happy. Men don’t wallow. They don’t walk around frowning. When you go out, put smile on that rugged face. It looks better that way. 

Compliment your bros. Why should women get all the love? See a dude wearing a killer snapback? International Men’s Day is the perfect time to let him know he’s looking fly.

Clean the gutters. Or change your oil. Or do the laundry. Put on some rubber gloves and scrub the shit out the kitchen floor. A real man is master of his domain, and he prides himself on keeping it

Get a Hummer for two hours. Only a sociopath would buy a Hummer, but test driving one all afternoon is both fun and frugal; ergo, very manly. If that’s not up you alley, you could always, uh, go get a hummer.

Work on those abs. This isn’t the day to accept your gut. Hit the gym and if you feel lost, don’t sweat it. Odds are high another man will help you out and tell you everything you’re doing wrong.

Make some jokes. Loosen up. Have some fun. And if you need some help, let some of the funniest people alive inspire you.

Blow something up. Explosions are super manly. Put some TNT in your pants set that wick aflame. If you die, you weren’t manly enough to celebrate International Man’s Day. If you live, congrats, you’re a man!

Prove your manhood. Call up a lady friend and see if she’ll help you celebrate. After all: behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.

Photos by Everett Collection