Maxim’s 2013 Sex Survey Results

We asked thousands of women about their naughtiest, most intimate sex habits, and instead of zapping us with Tasers, they actually gave us answers!

We all know what dudes want when it comes to sex (mainly, to have it), but what about our pret­tier, boobier counterparts? We asked thousands of women about their naughtiest, most intimate sex habits, and  instead of zapping us with Tasers, they actually gave us answers! Read on to see what our saucy survey takers (ages 18 to 40) had to say about threesomes, boning in public, tweeting during sex, and more! 

WTF File: Her Secret Sex Fantasies

The most memorable (and scariest) scenarios.

“To be urinated on while having shower sex.”

“Taking a girl from behind with a strap-on while she gives my boyfriend a blow job.” 

“Acting out naughty skits from video games.” 

“I fantasize about pirate role-playing.”

“To have sex with a hermaphrodite.”

When it comes to the rear end, you’re OK with:

• Nothing. stay away from there. 41.7%

• Some fingering. 19.5%

• Mouth/tongue action. 10.0%

• Anal sex—bring it! 28.8%

34 = Percentage of women who have made out with female friends in college, while 18 percent have had sex with a girl.

51 = Percentage of women who say size doesn’t matter as long as a guy’s inchworm can go the distance. 

Under what circumstances would you have a threesome?

• Only with two strangers. 8.5%

• With my boyfriend and a girl we don’t know. 25.8% 

I would immediately leave a guy’s place if I saw:

•  A framed photo of him and another girl.28.7%

•  An action-figure collection. 6.6%

•  One of those “Why beer is better than women” posters. 26.7%

•  His “bed” was actually a futon in the living room. 26.5%

•  Write-in: 11.5% “A Dexter-style ‘kill room.’ That’s only cool on TV.” 

Suspicious minds: Have you ever spied on your boyfriend?

• Gone through his Internet history.19.7%

• Checked his texts/e-mails/call log.32.7%

• Hacked into his Facebook account.4.9%

• All of the above.42.7%

How long do you expect a new guy to stay around after sex?

• The whole night and then take me for brunch. 49.4%

• Until I fall asleep.9.6%

• At least half an hour. 28.4%

• He can leave right away. We’re done!12.6%

50 = Percentage of women who admit to faking orgasms once in a while—but it’s only ’cause they don’t want you to feel bad! 

10 = Percentage of women who have hooked up with their bosses. 

What prop(s) do you want your man to bring into the bedroom?

•  Candles and massage oil.25.9%

•  Whips, chains, handcuffs. 22.5%

•  Food items.4.9%

•  Sex toys (vibrators, dildos). 41.8%

•  Write-in: 4.9% “It’s kinky, but I’d love to see my guy in a vinyl bodysuit.” 

72 = Percentage of ladies who don’t consider it cheating if you go to a strip club.

48 = Percentage of women who would pass up the chance to sleep with Tim Tebow because they’re not interested in virgins. 

Do you have a pet name for your boyfriend’s penis?

• No. 87.4%

• Yes. 12.6% [“El Diablo,” “Fat Charlie,” “007,” “Mr. Slug,” “Freddie Prinze Jr.”

Do you have a pet name for your vagina?

• No.90.5% 

• Yes.9.5% [“Vatican City,” “The Bacon,” “Pink Panther,” “Princess Peach,” “Britney, Bitch”]

18 = Percentage of women who have checked their phones for messages during sex. Don’t text while having sex!

WTF File: Screwin’ in the Great Outdoors

Some of the oddest locales where these ladies have done it.

“Rome’s Colosseum.”

“On the top floor of San Jose City Hall.”

“On a bus stop bench on Ventura Boulevard.”

“Underneath the Hawthorne Bridge (Portland, Oregon).”

“Oriole Park at Camden Yards.”

WTF File: Why She Really Went Out With You

Hint: It wasn’t your winning personality. 

“He had New York Rangers season tickets.”

“He had a car and would take me to the grocery store in college.”

“He bought me a pie.”

“He gave amazing head.”

“He was a bouncer at a club and could get me and my friends in for free.”

When you start seeing a guy, how long do you wait to have sex?

•  I’m fine with first-date sex. 17.3%

•  After two or three dates. 47.4%

•  After seven to 10 dates. 30.8%

•  I’m waiting till marriage. 4.5%

How often do you have sex?

•  Every day.7.4%

•  Three to five times a week.37.1%

•  A few times a month. 23.4%

•  It’s been a while, and I’m not happy about it.27.8%

•  It’s been a while, but I’m too busy watching Glee to care! 4.3%

What’s your level of sexting?

•  Some winky face emoticons. 23.4%

•  Dirty text messages. 39.9%

•  Photos in my lingerie. 18.3%

•  Nude photos and videos. 18.4%

Do you like giving head?

•  Gross. I never do it. 3.7%

•  Only if I get oral in return. 7.4%

•  Sometimes. Depends on my mood. 49.1%

•  I love it! 39.8%

How many dudes have you slept with?

•  I’m a virgin 5.0%

•  1–4 38.7%

•  5–10 24.9%

•  11–20 18.2%

•  21–30 6.8%

•  I lost count at 30. 6.4%

58 = Percentage of ladies who’d like to hook up with Ryan Gosling. Just one percent would go for the Biebs.

What’s a sure way to give you an orgasm?

•  Oral sex 32.3%

•  Using his fingers.23.9%

•  Me on top. 18.8%

•  Just let me take care of it. 13.3%

•  Rereading Fifty Shades of Grey. 1.4%

•  Write-in: 10.3% “Oral with fingers in my butt.” 

What female celebrity would you go lesbian for?

•  Emma Stone 44.4%

•  Kate Upton 29.7%

•  Me on top. 18.8%

•  Just let me take care of it. 13.3%

•  Rereading Fifty Shades of Grey. 1.4%

•  Write-in: 10.3% “Oral with fingers in my butt.”

How often do you daydream about sex?

• Once a week. 12.6%

• Once a day. 41.4%

• Three to four times a day. 37.3%

• Sorry, what was the question? I was daydreaming about sex. 8.7%

How often do you masturbate?

• Once a month. 13.0%

• Once a week. 23.0%

• A few times a week. 45.1%

• Every day. 11.6%

• Never. 7.3%

The secret sign I’m into a guy is:

• I get diarrhea-of-the-mouth around him. 17.5%

• I laugh at everything he says. 36.1%

• I touch his arm or leg when I’m talking to him. 30.6%

• I carve his name on my arm. 0.9%

• Write-in: 14.9% “I bitch about everything he says but stare at him all the time.”

37 = Percentage of women who would rather date a bald guy or a fat guy over one who is shorter than them.

What is the most important quality in a boyfriend?

• He’s hot. 3.1%

• He’s loaded. 1.2%

• He’s funny. 56.7%

• He’s great in bed. 8.2%

• He dresses better than my gay friends. 0.7%

• Write-in: 30.1% “He’s into me more than I’m into him.”

What underwear do you prefer on a guy?

• Boxers. 26.1%

• Tighty-whiteys. 2.0%

• Boxer briefs. 68.4%

• Banana hammock. 0.5%

• Commando! 3.0%

33 = Percentage of women who expect you to go down on them if they go down on you. Pucker up!

The biggest deal-breaker on a guy’s Facebook profile is:

• He has an excessive number of friends (more than 1,000). 12.9%

• He checks in everywhere. 22.0%

• Everything is private (photos, friends list, wall posts). 9.2%

• He has tons of photos of an ex-girlfriend.42.1%

• He has tons of photos of cats.13.8%

68 = Percentage of women who admit to watching porn when their man isn’t around. 

Which of this year’s chick flicks made you the horniest?

Magic Mike 70.2%

Titanic 3D 12.4%

What to Expect When You’re Expecting 4.5%

The Expendables 2 12.9%

Check back tomorrow for Part Two of our sex survey!

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