The “Most Extreme Haunted House in the World” Will Scare You Senseless

What goes on at McKamey Manor is basically real-life torture porn.

If so-called “torture porn” flicks like any of the Saw films are just too tame for you and your heart is in good shape, you may want to give the McKamey Manor experience a try, while you still can. But probably not. In a Guardian article published Friday about McKamey, one thing is clear: if you commit to taking a “tour,” you are stuck with it and you will suffer. It also reveals that McKamey Manor is just the most intense experience of its kind, catering to the most committed masochists.

Extreme haunts are all over, reported the Guardian, providing experiences which permit actors to physically mess with “guests” for the low, low price of $40 and up. McKamey Manor is not an expensive experience, money-wise:

McKamey Manor, in contrast, does not make money. It operates as a nonprofit, taking just a handful of visitors each weekend and accepting payment only in dog food. It is also unique in not having a safe word, says Jon Schnitzer, who is making a documentary about extreme haunts.

That lack of a safe word is the secret, horrible sauce that sets McKamey apart. It means, as the Guardian reported, one of the avidly sadistic actors conducting your McKamey experience can see to it that you are “bound, masked and held under water, slapped and stomped on, and compelled to eat your own vomit” and you pretty much have to take it.

No matter how passionate their love of torture, no one seems to make it through a full eight-hour “tour” of McKamey Manor—the longest one of the willing victims in the Guardianarticle managed was just over four hours. 

For a quick glance at what happens during a stay at McKamey Manor, check out this online photo album.

Everyone has fun in different ways, but this Halloween we’ll stick with the candy and the horror movie marathons, which suddenly seem like safer, more wholesome pursuits than they did before.

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