Here’s What Your Sex Dreams Really Mean

Listen to what your subconscious tells you.


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Ever had a sex dream? Perhaps you were making sweet love to an ex-girlfriend, sleeping with your best friend’s wife, or even experiencing a smoking-hot celebrity in the flesh…you know, stuff like that? Hey, we’ve all been there.

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But have you ever wondered what those dreams mean? Well, thanks to relationship expert and psychologist Marianne Vicelich’s new book, Love Spells, on sale in September, you can finally find out why you’re dreaming about all this sex stuff. 

Here, five scenarios to break down even the strangest of sex dreams:

1. Sex with an ex
According to Vicelich, if you’re dreaming about having sex with an ex, it might mean there’s something unresolved in that relationship, you want to get back together, or you just miss them. Or you just miss porking them.

It might also mean you’re nervous about entering a new relationship, and that you don’t want to make the same mistakes again. We totally get that.

2. Celebrity sex dreams
If you dream about getting it on with a celebrity, it probably means you have the serious hots for them. Or, on a more psychological basis, it might be the way you “release pent up or repressed sexual desires or lack of sexual satisfaction in your own life,” a.k.a. your girlfriend isn’t giving it to you the way you want, and you need some celebrity-status kitty.

3. Having sex with a stranger
Dreaming about boinking a stranger, Vicelich says, represents masochistic tendencies, and may mean your sex life is really, really boring. Sorry. It also indicates your desire to hit the off button on your emotions and indulge in some casual sex.

And as Daily Mail points out:

“It also suggests an urge to act out your passions and emotions. Sex with a stranger could symbolise your reinvention and emerging changes in your life. The stranger might also represent a change or new opportunity coming into your life. It also represents uncertainty about what is ahead.”

4. Sleeping with your boss

This dream means you desire power and control, and really want to take charge of your life and career. It could also mean you need some excitement in your love life, but it’s probably not the best idea to add excitement to your life by seducing your boss in real life.

5. Sex with your friend’s lover
You’re attracted to her, and want to stick your dick in her. The end.

The more you know, gentlemen.