Apparently, Some Women Aren’t Getting Enough Oral Sex

Lookin’ at you, men.


Blowjobs are like a gift from heaven, wouldn’t you say? What if we told you that women also feel the same for when you go down on them? Spoiler: they do. 

However, there seems to be an obvious “orgasm gap” between the sexes, with men receiving a lot more blowjobs than women having the favor returned. What’s up with that?

According to a recent study conducted on a college campus (the motherland of sex), 899 college students were surveyed on their hookup habits, revealing that about 60% of women, but only 52% of men perform oral sex on their partner. What’s more is that only 44% of women said their man goes down on them, while a whopping 63% of men reported getting blowjobs on the regular, meaning women are a lot more generous when it comes to oral sex.

Interestingly enough, men said they enjoy going down on women a lot more than women enjoy giving blowjobs, with 52% of men, and a measly 28% of women saying it is “very pleasurable” to have someone’s genitals in their mouth. If that’s the case, what’s keeping you men from taking a trip down south? If women can tough it out and give the 73% of men who reportedly love blowjobs the time of their lives, you can go down on her more often and make her the happiest woman there ever was.

It’s not hard to return the favor and pleasure your woman, so it might be high time you start doing so. Orgasms for everyone!