Men Remarry Younger; Women, Not So Much

Shockingly, men remarry much younger women, while divorced women prefer the companionship of older men. 

In a shock to absolutely no one, a new study has found that when American men remarry, they walk down the aisle with women much younger than them. Some 20% of remarried men go for women who are ten years their junior, while another 18% of remarried men return to the marital bed with a woman who is 6 to 9 years their junior. In a statistically inevitable development, women tend to remarry older men. The study also found that remarriages on the whole are on the rise.

The Pew Research Center, which conducted the study by combing through census records, found that 40% of new marriages involve at least one spouse who is remarrying. This represents a threefold increase since 1960.

First marriages are altogether much more likely to have spouses close in age.  While PEW found no specific reason men remarried younger (logic dictates it might have something to do with certain biological prerogatives), it does seem that men are much more eager to remarry no matter what. Of divorced and widowed people, only 30% of men said they were uninterested in remarriage. More than half of women expressed no desire to ever marry again. With husbands so eager to shave years off of the median age of their marriage, who can blame them?

(h/t Vox)

Photos by Kevin Mazur / Getty Images