This Dizzying Cocktail Bar Hanging Over A Mexican Cliff Is A Wild Wonder

Living the high life never looked so good.


There’s a seemingly limitless supply of crazy cool concepts littering the internet, be they supercars, superyachts, floating hotels or even luxury watches. Now we can add a dizzying Mexican cocktail bar to that dreamy roster. 

The Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar is intended to be a minimalist concrete swillery perched hundreds of feet above Mexico’s Copper Canyon overlooking Basaseachic Falls, which happens to be the second-tallest waterfall in the country. 

The glass-floored proposal from Tall Arquitectos would boast a lounge space in an upper observation deck, cafe tables adorning the lower level and, of course, a bar serving up plenty of vertigo-battling cocktails. 

While the pie-in-the-sky project intended for the Northwestern Mexican state of Chihuahua may never get off the ground, sometimes it’s just nice to ogle fantastical renderings and imagine what might be.