This Welder Makes Truly Deadly Giant Swords

Put away your chainsaw and cut firewood Viking-style.

If you’ve ever wanted to wield a giant over-the-top sword, ax hammer or katana, we’ve got some great news. Apparently, there is a man named Michael Cthulhu who gets paid to create life size replicas of any premodern combat weaponry you’ve ever dreamed of wielding around your backyard. 

Trained as a welder, Cthulhu aka “Irish Mike” is a giant sword enthusiast who works on commission to make “weird and impractical” weapons,” according to a Q&A on his Reddit page.   

These big, bad, and definitely dangerous swords can be seen in action in a video put together by UNILAD, and holy hell they look awesome. You can even checkout Cthulhu’s YouTube page to see how he crafts these beastly pieces of metal. 

If you’re interested in commissioning one, it’s easy enough to get in contact with him through his website or through his Reddit page. Just be prepared to shell out the dough and wait for at least a month. 

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