Watch This Guy Shred Pantera on a Microwave Guitar

You read that right.

Generally, people aren’t supposed to use microwaves for anything other than heating up food. This is for a very good reason: if you put stuff that’s not food in microwaves, shit tends to go wrong. Microwaving metal results in sparks and flames, microwaving living creatures results in death and microwaving non-microwavable food results in a messy explosion.

A man named Viktor Kucher sidestepped these problems and turned a microwave into a gnarly sounding electric guitar. Amazingly, Kucher did it without forfeiting any of the oven’s food-related functionality. The best part is after the builder plays a pretty little ascending chord progression, he heats up a snack and then breaks  into the opening riff from Pantera’s cemetery gates. 

Impressive as it may be, we ask that Mr. Kucher ups the ante a bit and uploads a video of himself shredding one of Dimebag Darrel’s many glorious solos while cooking Ramen. Then we’ll be really impressed.

H/T Team Rock