Watch These Crazy Scientists Grill Steaks Over Molten Lava

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Everyone’s got their own particular method when they’re working the grill. I like to grill over low, low heat to ensure an even cook all the way through whatever hunk of meat I plan on devouring that night. My father will use any break in the cold of winter, like the unseasonably warm Christmas the eastern U.S. enjoyed this year, to whip up some salmon or pork loin over hot coals. Everyone had their thing.

If you’re a scientist at Syracuse University, apparently your thing is grilling steaks over molten lava. As part of the school’s Lava Project, a group of geologists sent a river of liquid hot magma flowing beneath a grill loaded up with steaks, hot dogs, and salmon fillets. The resulting dance of meat and flames over this river of fire is mouth-watering, to say the least.

h/t Popular Mechanics