WATCH: American Frats Have Nothing on Mongolian Nomads

You’ve never seen anything like this on a college campus.

When you think of hazing, you think of fraternities and sororities pummeling unsuspecting freshman with lots and lots of alcohol and disgusting tasks, right? Now imagine the Mongolian version.

Yahoo! Travel editor-in-chief Paula Froelich traveled to Outer Mongolia this summer as part of her A Broad Abroad series (you can also follow her international exploits on Instagram) and learned of the ‘Nomad’s Code,’ an obligation among Mongolians to offer food, drink, and shelter to any weary traveler who arrives on their doorstep. Sounds nice, right? Well, that hospitality is accompanied by hazing, and lots of it:

After eating camel milk curd, drinking camel milk tea, and then milking said camels to replenish the liquids we had downed, my crew and I were about to go on our way when we remembered the bottles of vodka we had bought for presents to give out to helpful families during our road trip. Our host Ankhaa and his neighbors definitely qualified, so we whipped out a bottle of Chingghis Khan vodka for the families.

What we didn’t realize is that if you present a bottle, you are also expected to drink it with the host. We also were unaware that Mongolian “shots” are soup bowls, and you are expected to down it in one go … and that you cannot have just one.

You can watch the full video below:

Photos by Richard Hirst/Flickr​