15 More Things Women Absolutely Want In Bed

The most important thing you'll read all day.
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A while back, we told you 20 very important things women wish you knew in bed, because there are many very specific things women want in the sack that some guys still don’t know about.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself that you already know everything there is to know about pleasing a woman in the boudoir, but you’re wrong, my friend. Nobody knows everything about this topic, because women can be kinda confusing sometimes, I'll admit it. 

That said, the list of things women want in bed literally never ends, which is why there's yet another Reddit thread about this, titled: What makes a man good in bed

And from that, I've gathered the 15 most noteworthy tips and compiled them into a handy list, simply because improving your sex game is always a good idea. 

So pay attention, gentlemen, because this is important.

1. "Act like she is the hottest thing, or this is the hottest thing you have experienced. So, yes, show enthusiasm."

2. "If it is not juicy, fix it. Either with lube, spit or additional stimulation. Don't ever jam anything in the vag or butt without adequate lubrication."

Hear that? Lube is your friend!

3. "Try not to be too penis-centric. I love dicks, but P-in-V isn't the be-all and end-all of sex for me."

4. "Teasing. Unless you're going for a quickie, the longer spent before going for the vagina in any way the better. I find a lot of guys go for fingering/oral etc within the first couple of minutes of hooking up, which can be anything from uncomfortable to just not as effective as it would be if they'd focused elsewhere for a while and given me a chance to become aroused."

5. "Making plenty of noise. Uuuunnnf."

6. "Slowing down every now and then to caress my body and face, and kissing me. My favorite is Eskimo kisses mid sex."

Maybe swap "Eskimo kisses" for a more passionate kiss, and you'll be fine.

7. "Passion. I want to feel like you've got to have me, your enthusiasm spurred by the fact that I turn you on to the point of bursting. A lot of fucking is mental for us ladies, and I love the idea of pushing you to the brink before we finally fuck. I also like to feel like you only have eyes for me, and hearing you tell me this in so many words is a great way to make me ignore any body/confidence issues I have."

8. "Grabbing my ass and pulling me into you is the hottest thing ever. Also, using my hair like a sort of stress ball. Squeezing anywhere like a stress ball during sex is reassuring as hell."

9. "Experience with the human body. Know where the goddamn clit is."

10. "Go down on me or you'll never see me again."
-Deleted user

11. "Aftercare! This is a stage that I stole from the BDSM community, but even if you're plain vanilla fucking, a cuddle and kiss before you drift off into a coma is the best way to make sure I fall asleep beside you with a smile on my face."

12. "A good lover's hands never stop moving."

13. "If she is saying "don't stop," Don't. Stop. Don't. Change. Anything. Not the speed, not the angle, nothing."

Moral of the story: "don't stop" means don't stop. 

14. "Gosh dang it I love a good foreplay. If your hands or dick go straight for my underwear, you might as well be wasting your time. I don't get turned on like a faucet. It's a process. Like excavating to get to an underground lake or something."

And finally, since I can't emphasize this enough, some of the most important sex advice you'll ever get:

15. "If you aren't eating pussy then I can't help you. No one can help you. Enjoy your life of unsatisfied partners."
-Deleted user   

Well, there you have it. 15 ways to please a woman in bed. Good luck, fellas.