According to Women, This Is The Most Arousing Spot On Her Body

A scientific breakdown of where she wants to be touched.

Ah, sweet sweet science: giving us answers to the pressing questions like, “how the hell do I turn my girlfriend on?” Well the folks at Skyn Condoms, who commissioned a massive study of millenial sexual behavior, have some insight for you. 

The 2,302 women surveyed revealed the most erotic parts of their body, and goddamn why didn’t we have this in high school? According to the results, the clear winner of most arousing body part is nipples, with 35% of ladies owning up to enjoying the occasional nipple play.

The neck came in second, with 28% identifying it their most arousing spot, while the butt claimed bronze (15%). The back garnered a mere 6%, and stomach came in dead last with just 4%. We followed up with the folks at Skyn who confirmed that genitals were specifically left off the list, because duh. 

Moral of the story? Don’t you fucking dare touch a woman’s stomach.

Photos by Franco Vogt / Corbis