Here Are the 10 Most Popular Sex Positions

Which is your favorite?


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The missionary position, with no small thanks to the many ho-hum, soft-lens sex scenes Hollywood has given us, is widely assumed to be the mainstay of our sex lives. But in fact, a sweeping new study from health site DrED has found that the raunchier “doggy style” is actually the most popular position— and by a substantial margin. Talk about leading from behind!

Surveying over 2,000 people from across the U.S. and U.K., DrED reports just over 35 percent of participants said doggy is their favorite position while 22 percent said missionary. And despite all the current buzz over anal and “pegging,” it was one of the least popular, with a scant 2 percent of respondents claiming it was their favorite. 

(Photo: DrED)

There was naturally some difference in opinion among the sexes. Both men and women seemingly can’t get enough of doggy style, perhaps a surprise due to its perception as more popular among men. Women are slightly more likely to take pleasure from missionary although they are having none of the “reverse cowgirl,” despite it scoring favorably among men.

(Photo: DrED)

The results suggest that British and American sex lives are actually quite varied and exciting. Still, possibilities in the bedroom are as boundless as the horniness of couples willing to try new things. A lot of respondents, nearly 20 percent, said they were eager to try out the “table top” position, but presumably only until they gain the shoulder and core strength for it. 69ing while standing up was also a goal for many but, of course, requires some upper-body strength many might not have.

(Photo: DrED)

So don’t assume you’re a total weirdo just because you’d rather take an Ambien than do it missionary again or because you’ve been dying to try the “kneeling wheelbarrow” ever since you saw some porn star try it. Your preferences are actually more common than you might have thought. 

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