Pizza Rat Loses Epic Rodent Crown to Drug Mule Mouse

This would make a great sequel to Ratatouille.

Prisoners in the Barra da Grota penal institution in northern Brazil have found a way to make the facility’s rodent problem work for them: they simply turn local mice into drug mules. As the Sun reported, the mice seem just fine with the situation:

One guard at the prison, in the state of Tocantins, said: “We thought we’d seen everything but this is definitely new.

“The animal is so tame it even lets itself be stroked.”

Who wouldn’t be happy to see the friendly neighborhood drug mouse? It’s probably a good deal all the way around for the rodent. 

UPI reported that the mouse’s payload was “29 small packets of marijuana and 23 packages of cocaine.” A video of the guards examining the mouse (below) while conversing in Portuguese showed that it seemed calm and unafraid of interacting with people, even sitting still as one of the guards stroked its head.

According to the UPI report, officials humanely let the mouse go outside prison walls.

Hopefully in its new, drug-free life away from lockup the mouse can find a new purpose, provided a jealous Pizza Rat wasn’t waiting with a homemade shank in the dark.

Photos by Mark Newman / Lonely Planet / Getty