WATCH: NASA’s Amazing Hi-Def Video of the Sun Is Hypnotic, Intense

Turns out staring at the Sun can be pretty awesome.

Every kid at some point has had an adult tell them, “Don’t stare at the Sun, you’ll go blind!” And that’s pretty much true. It’s NASA’s job to stare, though, and what they’ve seen through the eyes of their Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) is awe-inspiring. 

The SDO’s all-seeing eye catches every solar event from explosive coronal mass ejections to eruptions that produce the solar flares which sometimes cripple satellites. Perhaps realizing they had something pretty wonderful on-hand, NASA put together this 30-minute look at our home star in all its glory, as they explain on the SDO home page:

Presented in ultra-high definition, the video presents the dance of the ultra-hot material on our life-giving star in extraordinary detail, offering an intimate view of the grand forces of the solar system.

It’s a pretty chill visual experience on the whole, taking on a bit of an edge when you realize the slow, grand eruptions from the surface of the Sun could span the width of several Earths.

We see this video having a long life being projected on the walls of trippy house parties for years to come.